It’s all about knowing what counts.
Our values are a convincing argument.

Our values

Human values

Respect for one another, as well as an open exchange, form the basis of our work and are one factor in our success. This includes all measures taken to protect our employees, and ensures the satisfaction of both our customers and our staff. For the benefit of all.


Knowledge also includes having an edge, and we practice immediate, open, direct communication at the corporate level to contribute to the improvement of all our processes and results. Media for clearly defined target groups, which are made available to the responsible persons are essential in this respect.


GMB glass stands for top quality and development competence. Our expertise in applied technologies permits us to track relevant developments, with great precision, from prototypes to serial production. This enables the manufacture of competitive products, from which our customers will benefit in the market.


High quality in the world of our products – that’s what counts. The quality of our state-of-the-art processes is a measurable factor, and has obtained certification in accordance with the applicable standards. Our qualitative edge is also reflected in very low reject rates and hardly any complaints by customers – during the entire process from first-time order handling to service provision and product performance.


GMB’s corporate decisions are based on medium- and long-term economic aspects, ecological effects and social compatibility. We’re proud to be a family-owned enterprise, and aim to secure jobs sustainably. This also includes the minimisation of waste and the collection of recyclable materials, oriented towards the principles of circular economy.

Cost optimisation

Our competitive strength significantly depends on our corporate cost structure. It’s a matter of course for all our staff to focus on the economical use of operating resources and means of production.